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Working at Maritime Videographic has been a great experience. This business has such a wide range of features, I am getting lots of practice in the film and videography field. Maritime Videographic has a policy of constant improvement and hard work. In this way, the business is constantly developing it’s skills and range of technological, business, and creative expertise. I am excited for the future and to sharpen my skills and expand my knowledge, learning new things and growing with experience while working for the company.

In just a week, I’ve already had the chance to help with several video productions as well as help out with the VHS transfers. The VHS transfers are a large, growing part of the business and is something I will being doing often. We have a station set up here in our new office for convenient transferring of VHS and reels. Maritime Videographic has recently moved into a new office space at 327 Windmill Road, Unit 7. This is a great space for doing our business. Here, we can edit videos, receive clients, transfer VHS and reels, as well as use the space for productions.

Halifax, Nova Scotia has been a great place for Maritime Videographic to grow and expand our business. There are many opportunities for expansion and advancement. Due to Maritime Videographic’s proactive approach to growing a business, we are always jumping towards opportunities and never stop searching for ways to increase our productivity.

Part of the success of this business is also the attitude of our team. We always keep a light atmosphere and create a good experience for our clients. Videos are not only enjoyable and fun to watch, but our company also brings that enjoyment throughout the entire process and production of our videos. The atmosphere within our company and with our clients is always a positive and creative one and I am glad to be apart of this team and working for Maritime Videographic.