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Establishing Legacies for People and Brands.

My name is Mark Sawatzky. I’ve always been a story teller and a bit of an eccentric – some might say a lot of an eccentric. 

From an early age I was fascinated by video, audio and digital media in general and the awesome power it would wield in the future. Around 11 or 12 years old I was already fully proficient in photoshop ( gonna reveal my age here and tell you in was 6.0.. “Venus in furs” lol) and of course the old Windows movie maker on the family computer. My friends and I used to create funny/gross/offensive as possible images and send them back and forth to each other in the days of msn messenger, before memes were really a thing.

In those early years I never had access to a camera or anything like that though and as I progressed into my teenage years I went through a difficult period in my life, rebelling against my parents and leaving the house at 15. I was totally reckless and even though I got myself into some incredibly bad and dangerous situations I look back on those years without regret. They taught me a lot about people, culture, and the human experience.

I floated all over the country developing a knack for comedy writing and performing stand up comedy. Winning several contests/awards, touring with funny fundraisers, yuk Yuks and eventually growing roots in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia nearly 10 years ago, where I now live with my wife and 2 young daughters.

I went back to College to study computer programming with a concentration in database development and around that same time I purchased my first dslr camera.

I became obsessed with using the camera for video, quickly beginning to offer my videography services on kijiji to make money on the side which led to buying more and more gear and progressing my technical skills and developing myself as a visual story teller. By 2014, I was earning enough money from my freelance videography business that it could serve as my full time job.

The time came to make a choice, continue on the path to writing code for a living or continue the adventure of telling stories and influencing people through video.

I chose video, and over the last 4 years have learned a wealth of lessons about what works and what doesn’t and why and continue to reach higher and higher levels in my productions.

Being a business owner is not without great struggles, long hours, and hard lessons but I wouldn’t trade it for anything!



As a self-employed freelancer, I’ve learned everything on the job. A lot of lessons I’ve learned the hard way.  I’m dedicated to my craft continually investing in my kit and my own development.  As each year passes my productions improve , that progression drives me. I’m grateful to all my clients along the way who have given me opportunities to work on their weddings, branding content, event coverage and promos, and even several broadcast television productions!


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the story of adventure, hate and love
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