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Wedding Film Philosophy

A wedding is the creation of a family. It is the beginning of a legacy. It is a day full of magic that will whirl around you for a moment in time, then, as quickly as it came, it will drift away into the past. And when it’s gone all that you will be able to do is go back and see it through the lenses of your photographer and videographers. They are in control of how you will be able to revisit that magic forever. How will you feel if you are unable to make out the expressions of love as they develop on the grooms face as you say your vows? or unable to hear the words of wisdom that a beloved elderly relative left behind to you In The twilight of their story?

A well done wedding film will preserve those memories in a way that not only give many friends and family who were unable to make the journey a chance to share in the experience of the day but also gives future generations the joy of being told your story and having a powerful tool to emotionally connect with you forever. An amateur home video will not have that power. Still photography does not have that power. These are things only a professional wedding film can do and it is why the #1 regret among couples after they have gotten married is that they did not allocate more of their budget to a videographer.

Traditionally, photography has been seen as the necessity and videography as a luxury for the rich, if it fits in the budget. But times are changing! The quality that many videographers are now delivering allows you to take a single frame from your video and print it in a photobook, post it to your social media, or put it on your wall and many people are unable to differentiate between still photos and video frames at standard sizes. Granted there are some aesthetic and stylistic differences but if you only have the budget for one or the other, is it really worth it to sacrifice quality video for a still photo of your loved one giving their speech to never come to life so you can hear their words again  25 or 50 years later?

My philosophy around wedding films is preserving the legacy of love and beauty, I aim to make films that will have incredible emotional impacts long after I’m gone. That is my why, that’s why I create wedding films that tell story.

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